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Life planning: Research labs focus of 6-story building project opposite Polar Park

 Telegram Headline from May 5, 2021

Key parts from column

  • Dowdle, the key principal for Boston-based Madison Properties who also developed Polar Park, said he has plans for two hotels on the Canal District parcel across Madison Street from Polar Park, in addition to the life sciences building that has yet to be constructed.
  •  While the timeline for construction relies on tenant activity, Dowdle said the building could be completed 18 to 24 months after finding enough tenants to occupy the lab space.



 Maybe a good question would be one year later would be

"How are you doing finding tenants for this space???"


Anonymous said…
It’s people like you that were against the Centrum and Hanover Theater. Seriously, give it up. This project will transform the entire area for the better.
Anonymous said…
The difference between the Centrum and the Hanover is neither of them had the City issuing $175 million in bonds to construct a building which would be leased to a private for profit company to make money. Unlike improving infrastructure which all residents benefit from, taxpayers should be able to question/comment on public expenses which are not the norm and remind those who may forget that this project was sold as not costing the taxpayers.
Although I do not agree with all the posts they at least spur debate.
A question, should the media outlet who reported that the contractor was inflating the woman and minority owned business have not published the story because this project "will transform the entire area"?
We need to keep questioning government and their actions because ultimately they are spending our tax dollars for the greater good of us all, not just the these developers and a portion of the City residents who may go to a game.
Anonymous said…
So the Centrum cost $70 million in 2020 dollars. Plus, a recent $23 million renovation. I guarantee you would have been against that too. Also, the redevelopment area for the Polar Park project is much larger. This will be a fantastic long term investment for the city in the heart of downtown.
Anonymous said…
The question from the post above is ,would it be a wise investment for the City to spend $93 million to construct an arena in an area which truly can be described as downtown? I don't know but based upon memory I do not think so because from memory it did not have any economic spinoff to justify the expense. What businesses were created around the Centrum?
The Galleria is probably a better base of comparison. The City in there infinite wisdom may have done an urban renewal project to construct the mall. One of the ultimate reasons for it's demise was paying for parking. It eventually failed. It was in turn converted to a fashion outlet, which failed.The ultimately was razed for the current configuration.
How much taxpayer's money was expended on this area and has there been a return on our investment?
Time will tell if the ballpark will be good for the City, but initial indications are that it is having adverse effects on the businesses current in the area which is most likely going to be a long term problem unless the City can figure out a solution to the parking issue adversely effecting these small businesses and residents who have invested or live in the Canal District.
Anonymous said…
Worcester has always been a city trying to become a town. When I go in to Worcester and the canal district I expect parking will be difficult. I may need to walk a little distance or, God forbid, pay for parking. I agree there needs to be some collaboration between the city government, business and the WRTA. But to say this project is bad for the city is wrong. And to question whether the Centrum/DCU Center is good for the city? Why should I have to drive to Boston or Providence or Springfield or Hartford to see a good concert or sporting event? We deserve these things in Worcester too.
Anonymous said…
By no means is Worcester a town. It is and always should be an affordable mid size city that at times may feel like a big town.
There is no questions that the City deserves all the amenities as other cities in New England. Currently the City is light years ahead of other cities when you consider it has the Worcester Art Museum, Mechanics Hall, the Historical Museum, American Antiquarian Society etc.
The underlying issue is who builds and pays for the amenity. I believe this list, as well as the Hanover Theater are all privately owned.
With regards to a venue for concerts or sporting events the comparison would be the TD Garden. Again a facility which is privately owned.
The issue is not whether the City should have world class amenities, which it already has and should. The issue is should the City be in the business of owning a baseball stadium.