Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Green Hill Golf Course Lost $575,326 FY 2020

 Comment:  "With the golf business, that probably won’t leave. It gives the city some extra money and gives golfer’s a cheaper option to play instead of having to go to another town to play"



City Financial Statements

Page 175

Fiscal Year Ending 2020



revenues=   $1,053,263

expenses =  $1,628,589

loss=  $575,326


Remember when the driving range was going to turn Green Hill into a profitable business for the City of Worcester??





Common Sense said…
I think when the golfing range idea was brought up Mike O'Brien was the Director of Parks and Recreation. He impressed the city city councilors so much that were pushing for him for the vacant city manager job.
Anonymous said…
The revenue numbers make no sense. Does it include the rent from the restaurant as well as beverage/snack sales? Let’s be conservative and say the course is open for 180 days per year (April-September), with 30 foursomes a day, $60 per golfer including cart fees. That’s $240 per foursome. That comes to $1.296 million in revenue in golf and cart fees alone. Never mind the driving range. I would like to see a detailed audited income statement on the golf course.
Bill Randell said…
We did not make these numbers up?

They come from the City of Worcester own Comprehensive Financial Statement, that is a detailed audited income statement.

Anonymous said…
Not questioning you, just the reported income figure.
Anonymous said…
If the city sold the golf course to a private operator it would put it on the tax tolls in addition to generating the purchase price. The restaurant would generate meals tax and real estate tax and not need to city to go out begging to get someone to operate the restaurant for free.