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Great Comments This Week

 By no means is Worcester a town. It is and always should be an affordable mid size city that at times may feel like a big town. There is no questions that the City deserves all the amenities as other cities in New England. 


Currently the City is light years ahead of other cities when you consider it has the Worcester Art Museum, Mechanics Hall, the Historical Museum, American Antiquarian Society etc. The underlying issue is who builds and pays for the amenity. I believe this list, as well as the Hanover Theater are all privately owned. 


With regards to a venue for concerts or sporting events the comparison would be the TD Garden. Again a facility which is privately owned. The issue is not whether the City should have world class amenities, which it already has and should. 


The issue is should the City be in the 

business of owning a baseball stadium



Anonymous said…
The ballpark might work out but currently it is a headache with traffic and parking. At this time it is not a win for the amount of money the city spent. I hope the city works out the issues.