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Comparing The Airport To Polar Park???????

"Common Sense" always takes shots at ORH!


Lets set the record straight:

  1. We do not want the City of Worcester in the Airport Business
  2. We do not want the City of Worcester in the Hospital Business
  3. We do not want the City of Worcester in the Nursing Home Business


Thankfully the City of Worcester got out of all these businesses.  

 Today Worcester none of theses businesses costs the taxpayers of Worcester nothing.    




We also:

  1. Do not want the City of Worcester in the golf business
  2. Do not want the City of Worcester in the train station business
  3. Do not want the City of Worcester in the Convention Center business
  4. Do not want the City of Worcester in the baseball stadium business
 Next year these 4 businesses will the taxpayers how much money in FY 2022??    
Trying to compare the airport that costs the taxpayers nothing to Polar Park makes "NO Sense"






Common Sense said…
I remember former city councilor Arthur Chase spent most of his time trying to get the City out of the hospital business. He called it a boondoogle. Finally the City was able to dump the
old City Hospital to UMass. I for one would like to see our airport thrive, but there comes a time when you have to stop throwing good money after bad. Massport is losing millions just to keep the lights on at the airport. Bill, I understand you used to own a check cashing place at one time.Let's say you spent $1000,000 to renovate. What would you do if three years later the business was losing $75,000 a year. You're probably going to have to sell or lease the building. I look at the airport as a similar situation. Maybe you can tell me what your plan B is. If the JFK flights don't get profitable load factors then they're probably going to be cancelled. Also, I don't see American and Delta coming back. I just read that American is cancelling flights due to a shortage of pilots. That doesn't bode well for ORH. I think the the people in Central Ma.are to blame. They've never supported our airport to make it a viable alternative to Logan. So, maybe can you tell me your plan B.

David Z. said…
And I still don’t understand why JetBlue is not bringing back their Orlando flight right away. Vacationers want point to point service not a connecting flight through JFK.

Bill used to blog fairly often on the great load factors for the Orlando flight in spite of the less than optimal flight times. In fact, IIRC, he advocated for better flight times with larger aircraft for the Orlando flights.
Common Sense said…
My uneducated opinion is they're setting WRA up to fail. I think they know that the two JFK flights are not going to be profitable. That will give them an out. If they kept the very profitable Orlando flight it would be much harder for them to rationalize pulling out. I can't think of any other reason. I agree with you that parents taking their kids to Disney wan't no part of dragging them through a terminal at JFK. They would probably take one of the direct flights from Logan, Bradley, Manchester or TF Green.
Anonymous said…
The airport would be a good development site.
Anonymous said…
With the golf business, that probably won’t leave. It gives the city some extra money and gives golfer’s a cheaper option to play instead of having to go to another town to play. The convention center business is never going to leave. It being in central mass is huge for competitions which it was huge for dance competitions before the pandemic. Ballpark business we got 29 years left after this good luck. The train station business will only expand. MBTA will bring more to Worcester in the fall. Amtrak and the state wants to bring more as well to Union Station. The station is huge for weddings, small events, and proms as well. The freight at union station and in Worcester will only expand as well. Once CSX buys Pan Am up north, it’s going to expand Worcester tremendously with more trains plus a couple weeks ago, the CEO of both CSX and UPS were in Worcester for meetings about bringing more UPS trailers and trains to Worcester. CSX officials also talked with officials from the state about more trains to Worcester. I think we’ll see more trains at union station for freight and passenger and if CSX renovates the train line that goes from Worcester to Ayer to go from 10 mph to 40 mph like it did in the 80s there could be some more passenger trains from up north coming to Worcester as well.