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Common Sense Makes No Sense

 Here is latest comment from Common Sense:

I wasn't serious when I wrote about the conspiracy thing.     Sometimes, I like to put things out there that will cause others to have strong reactions. It seemed like it worked in your case. 

 I am impressed that you are open to other uses for the airport if things implode even more. 

Things Downtown seem to be doing well with the rooftop bar and the fancy steakhouse. I'm concerned about Unam's decision to vacate the new office tower at the Mercantile Center. That is 500 less people to support the new restaurants and retail shops Downtown.




Evidently asking for:

  1. Current Polar Park Costs
  2. Updated Pro Forma
  3. Asking if anyone is paying property taxes on Polar Park
  4. Copy of the completed LDA 

Are actually not "black helicopter conspiracy theories"...

Common Sense was just trying to get a reaction out of us??



 If you want to meet Common Sense ,  he is at the fancy rooftop bar and fancy steakhouse downtown...      





Common Sense said…
I wonder if the city manager is going to start conversations with the state about future uses for the vacant DMV building downtown? I would think that its location between Federal Square and Main South would make it ripe for development. I'm also excited to hear that plans are coming forward about the new skate park being built at Crompton Park. It will give our local youth some clean fun. I was thinking that were thee things that happened in Worcester that changed the dynamic of our City. One example is the City's decision to start building the convention center even before state dollars were allocated. Another would be the renovation of Union Station. We can all remember driving passed the dump on I-290 for years. The third is the organic growth on Shrewsbury Street. I remember driving down the street on the way to Union Station and seeing new restaurants and bars opening up. If the City is able to relocate the DPW garages on Shrewsbury Street that would continue the momentum on the street.