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Charlton 300 Million Warehouse

Makes you wonder if they were not treated differently maybe they would have built a 300 million warehouse in Worcester??    

Instead they picked Charlton

Huge loss!!!!






Anonymous said…
But but but. Eddie said
Anonymous said…
In defense of the City the Charlton Amazon project will be horizontal construction and the City probably does not have the land for such a project BUT in a City of 180,000 what has the City done to bring a substantial amount of good middle income jobs to the City, please don't say we are becoming a restaraunt hub.
Common Sense said…
Ed probably won't write a glowing article in the T&G about this. He wrote a self-serving piece in the T&G a short time ago declaring Polar Park to be a huge success 21 days after it opened. Now I read today that it's been a disaster for the businesses and residents in the Canal District. I still think Ed is looking for his next job (maybe an $800,000 per year executive job like Mike O'brien got).
Common Sense said…
To be fair, I think Amazon built a facility at the Worcester Airport industrial Park. They're also building a decent size facility at the site of the former Greendale Mall (that probably would have sat vacant for 50 years).
Anonymous said…
And the city opposed both of those Amazon projects in Worcester.
Amazon is doing them only because the city couldn’t figure out a way to stop them because the zoning was right for the uses.