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Common Sense Black Helicopter Conspiracy?????

 Comment from Common Sense yesterday:


 " I think you should stick to pushing black helicopter conspiracy about Polar Park"



Asking for:

  • updated Pro Forma
  • an actual Income and Expense Statment
  • the completed LDA
  • What is the current cost of Polar Park
  • updated Auditor's review
  • anyone paying taxes on Polar Park


We thought these were logical questions from a taxpayer????   


"Common Sense" please give us an example of  a "black helicopter conspiracy" theory being pushed on this blog?? 




Common Sense said…
I just don't see what good it does to keep giving a daily accounting of a stadium that has already been built and hosting games. I think we all know that the City is going to have to kick in money out of the budget to pay for this. I don't agree that this project is going to to be revenue neutral. I'm okay with that because projects that are being built are a direct result of Polar Park. For instance, the new 13 story apartment tower is going to pay taxes that will go in the City's coffers. It will eventually have an impact to the Canal District, allowing the businesses there to thrive even more. The City garages (Federal and Union Station) are also going to generate money for the City due to game parking.
Bill Randell said…
Again what are the "black helicopter conspiracy theories" we push on this blog?

We all knew this not going to be "revenue neural"??? We did..

It was sold as being "revenue neutral" from Day 1.

Who is Pushing "black helicopter conspiracy theories" here, you or us???
Anonymous said…
I am a residential AND a commercial (two times -real estate and personal property) taxpayer who believes the City taxes are excessive to begin with.Initially I was ambivalent to the building of the ballpark when they said it would not cost any existing tax dollars. Since the article about how parking was hurting the businesses and I have spoken with people who have gone to a few games my position has changed. I have realized From a business perspective the City just built a $160 million cash register, Polar Park, for theWooSox which is competing with small business for food and beverage spending. Now you tell me my tax payments are going to support this activity, I am now totally against the ballpark as should every taxpayer, especially small businesses.
Common Sense said…
Anyone with any intelligence or business skills knows that this project is not going to be revenue neutral. Why do you feel the need to keep pointing this out. I guess you would rather go back to the two vacant lots with grass growing out of the broken ashphalt. Weren't you saying for a long time time that the lack of an LDA and the City not owning the land yet would doom the project. Why don't you check into how much Massport is loosing per year at ORH. Weren't you saying that Southwest would start service at ORH because a couple of their managers showed up at ORH to kick tires. Then you suggested that people taking their kids to Disney wouldn't mind dragging them through the terminals at JFK?
Bill Randell said…
We have been saying that the City should own the lot before they spend 160 million on it??

We have been saying we should see what the LDA says that transferred ownership of the lot to the City of Worcester???

Never said either would doom the project??? Thought both suggestions was good business....

Massport is losing alot of money at ORH, but guess how much it cost the taxpayers of Worcester? Nothing!! Massport feel it is a good business decision to own and upgrade ORH. In total they made over $250 million dollars last fiscal year, they seem to know what they are doing.

Yes we heard also about SouthWest "kicking the tires" and predicted that they would come to ORH. We were wrong...... Not many people know about that????????

BTW we think alot of families would like to get to Orlando early through JFK versus getting there in the afternoon with the old schedule. Hopefully JetBlue brings in an early direct flight.

Again nothing we talk about here are black helicopter conspiracy theories???

Trying to revise history that we all knew that Polar Park would not be revenue neutral, however, is a "black helicopter conspiracy theory".

Anonymous said…
Can you tell me exactly when the City announced that the project was not going to be revenue neutral . That is what it was sold on and as recently as the announcement of the housing high rise it was stated again. "Anyone with any intelligence or business skills knows that this project is not going to be revenue neutral" . Does this include the people managing the project and who are quick to hold a press conference about proposed developments in the area or just everyone else. If it is not revenue neutral I for one could have put together a list of needs in the City that could have been addressed including repairs to the school that my son attends.
Common Sense said…
If Massport sold the airport to a developer for biotech/ manufacturing uses it could create 5,000 jobs. That would have a huge positive impact on the City. Maybe you don't agree, but there is probably a fair chance that in a year ORH will not have any commercial flights. If that happens then what should Massport do with the place? You think they're going to keep it open with the rents from the three car rental stands?

Bill Randell said…
If Massport were to do that, I would be fine with that??? 5,000 jobs of course. When did we ever say we would not support that???

Matter of fact we should approach UPS/Amazon would could make ORH into a huge distribution Center for their airplanes...

In the end Massport owns it now and it us to them to run their business as they see fit, just like any other business. Again the key here is that ORH costs the taxpayers nothing!!!

Bill Randell said…
Still waiting for one "black helicopter conspiracy" theory that we push on this blog????????

Just one???

Anonymous said…
It is safe to say putting the airport where the City put it was a costly mistake the City made years ago and let's assume they had good intentions but it proved to be a money pit. Roll forward to today, the City may have good intentions in building a ballpark originally estimated at $100 million, currently approaching $175 million. I hope this does not become the new airport, the new money pit.
Common Sense said…
I wasn't serious when I wrote about the conspiracy thing. Sometimes, I like to put things out there that will cause others to have strong reactions. It seemed like it worked in your case. I am impressed that you are open to other uses for the airport if things implode even more. Things Downtown seem to be doing well with the rooftop bar and the fancy steakhouse. I'm concerned about Unam's decision to vacate the new office tower at the Mercantile Center. That is 500 less people to support the new restaurants and retail shops Downtown.