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Bill Shaner: "The phenomenon is strangling us"


Polar Park's stifling effect on nearby businesses runs much deeper than parking


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When I called up Alex Tarr, a professor of urban geography at Worcester State University, he said the decision to put a ballpark there is part of a general pattern of “aggressive mediocrity” in the city. I love that term and couldn’t agree more.


Anonymous said…
As well as Shaner detailed the fact as to how the ball park is strangling the Canal District with the parking situation, I do not think he goes far enough with his explanation.
Because the Woosox concessionaires, which is a large portion of their revenues, the noose gets tightened by their competition with the local restaurants for food and beverage sales.
Anonymous said…
Bill Shaner’s idea of Worcester is to keep it dirty, crappy and full of section 8 housing. I’m calling bull on the vendors complaining about the ballpark. I highly doubt an influx of over 9,000 people in the area on a Monday or Tuesday night will hurt their business. Worcester is a CITY. Parking is at a premium in a city. Sometimes you have to walk for maybe a quarter mile. Sorry, some people may need to waddle a little while to get to their destination.