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Thinking Of Konnie Lukes Today

Remember when she said that she supported the PawSox coming to Worcester, but not with public monies.   Something along that line.

Yesterday was a great day for Worcester and we hope only huge success for the WooSox and Polar Park.  We, like Konnie, still question the use of public monies for this project. 


The final price tag will be in the $175 million dollar range and although we hope it is benefit neutral for the sale of the taxpayers, we just do not see how this will be possible???   Maybe we will get an updated proforma which will show how the numbers look now based on current expenses and current projected revenues.

 Stay tuned..



Anonymous said…
Although I very rarely agreed with Konnie, I will admit she at least would ask questions and not just give the City a blank check, which this current Council does.
Anonymous said…
Connie wa never one to blindly pick up the Pom poms