Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Taxpayers Deserve A Pro Forma Based On $159,500,000 (Current Cost) To Build Polar Park


Is it really asking to much to get an 

updated Pro Forma to show 

how we are going to pay back the 

$159,500,000 (latest cost)  

that is costs the taxpayers to build 

Polar Park?




Revenue Neutral




David Z. said…
In Ed we Trust!
Bill Randell said…
We should not have a Pro Forma?
Anonymous said…
The city doesn’t believe that taxpayers deserve anything but another tax increase. Stop asking questions and just pay up.
Anonymous said…
Both Augustus and Lucchino have made recent reference to the WooSox being "family entertainment". The City should have tried to lure Doug & Busters from Providence Place to the City. I am sure that would have been cheaper.
Anonymous said…
This while thing will end up in the taxpayers lap, which in turn will drive up all housing costs. There is no transparency or controls. And the park is ending up not as affordable as other minor league developments. Special Ed sold the residents of worcester down the creek. We are Sox fans and will support like hell, that has nothing to do with using public funds that will end up being stuck on the taxpayers They tried to say steel costs rose. No. The majority of the steel was installed before the price surge. The parking situation while fletcher and crew get there lots ready to open. The entire thing is sketchy without true public transparency. Glad the state of emergency is ending so special ed will have at least a little control on his emergency spending powers