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Polar Park Commission: Must Be Worcester Resident


"it’s a 7-member commission. Must be Worcester resident. No specific district seats, but I expect the City Manager and City Council will seek diversity in terms of geographic, demographic, and skill set. One seat is reserved for organized labor representation just like the WRA. I believe interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume to the City Manager’s office."



If you a taxpayer helping to pay the cost, but are not resident, you are not eligible to be on the board.  We can understand preference going to a Worcester resident, but eligibility "must be a Worcester resident".  How about Worcester resident or Worcester taxpayer?




Anonymous said…
Similar to the dual tax rate, which favors residential rates over commercial tax rates, appointments to boards and commissions totally ignore business owners who invested capital in the City and could bring a business perspective to the table.
Taxation without representation. Time to declare independence from City Hall!