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Polar Park Commission Tasks

 Lets hope this seven member commission takes their job seriously; here are the top four things they should do:


  1. Ask for an updated pro forma
  2. Receive qtrly income and expense statements
  3. Request copy of LDA with Madison which has not been completed yet?
  4. Determine final cost of the ballpark ASAP


Just these four  things alone would be a great help for the taxpayers of Worcester.   

For the record we would love to be one of these seven members.




Anonymous said…
You have absolutely no chance of being appointed to this Commission.
Because you ask questions.
One of the questions on the application will be "Do you know how to vote yes when we tell you?"
Anonymous said…
The only function of this commission will be to demand theater the city council raise taxes on reddidents and especially businesses, maybe make businesses pay triple the rate of homeowners insrptead of merely double. This wars between residents and businesses will distract voters from the gaping financia hole that we are in.

Oh, and the overruns aren’t done. Expect a Friday before Memorial Day weekend news dump.