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Grand Slam




Remember the proforma that showed the project being revenue neutral to the taxpayers when:

  1. The cost of stadium was $100,000,000
  2. Phase 1 would yield $93,000,000 in private investement


This will be a home run when we see a proforma showing the project revenue neutral now that:

  1. Stadium will cost in excess of $175,000,000
  2. Phase 1 has yielded no private investments

That is a total swing of $168,000,00!!! 

Seriously where it the updated proforma?????





Anonymous said…
By all accounts the opening was a stellar success, good weather, a win in the brand new Polar Park,so why did the T&G have to ruin it by posting a picture with the brick facade which causes me to comment on the blue aluminum which I find repulsive.

If they changed the facade to save money, they picked the wrong thing to cut because this will be a lingering comment not only from me but from a lot of people I have spoken to. The blue aluminum is strike one.
Anonymous said…
I am not a baseball fan but I welcome the WooSox to the City and ask that they put some more thought into a traffic plan. It took me 45 minutes to get home the other day.
Anonymous said…
There will be no new pro forma because of all of the cheerfulness around the stadium and new subsidized low income housing rising around the ballpark.

There will be a massive tax increase and it will slide by to Ly after the next city council election. Noote the multiple tax and spend lefties announcing a run that never saw a dollar in your pocket that they don’t think is theirs. It’s not like even right wingers would have a choice but to raise taxes when the math becomes impossible to ignore even if theWooSox win championships like the Bravehearts have done.