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Edward M. Augustus Jr.: Polar Park project has been a boon for city of Worcester


It is way to early to call this project a "boon" or "bust".

There was one other pledge made when Polar Park was sold to the taxpayer.   That was the project would be "revenue neutral".      

We hope that Polar will be a boon for the City of Worcester, but to determine Polar Park return to the taxpayers do we not need to look at the numbers???   

An update Pro Forma with a review by the auditor would be a good first step..     For now lets just hope Tuesday parking for the first full occupancy game goes smoothly, and hopefully someone from the City Council will ask for updated numbers??? 






Anonymous said…
Time will tell if this is a boon or a boondoggle.

What is ironic is Augustus comments that the City made a good choice not to approve a slot parlor for the property which allowed for him to gamble $100 million on to build a ball park that would not cost the taxpayer only to have him double down with another $75 million for over runs.

Where is the private investment that was promised almost three years ago? Imminent !
Anonymous said…
How much do you think ABBVIE paid to have their name in centerfield? Who gets that money?
Anonymous said…
Fallon is dropping offering coverage to my job, yet they can advertise in the park. What is wrong with this picture?
Anonymous said…
Take a minute to go to the T&G and read the comments on this post. I do not think they are what Augustus anticipated.
David Z. said…
Fallon Health announced a business decision a while back they were getting out of the commercial insurance business to focus on government programs of Medicare & Medicaid. It has nothing to do with their sponsorship of the WooSox.
David Z. said…
I don’t think Ed is too concerned with the comments on The comment section is home to all the naysayers of Worcester.