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Worcester Spent More Than $100 Million Building Polar Park. Minority Companies Got Peanuts

 We have listened/watched the monthly WRA meetings

The monthly workforce diversity reports have been nothing short of glowing!!!  Although we have not met the goals, we have been very close!!

  Now this??? 

  So what is it??



Listening to the meeting evidently we concentrated on the workforce numbers, not the actual ownership of the businesses.      

Now we are finding out that even the workforce numbers were not actually correct?    They are lower then they have been reporting?   Or another way to say it is that the numbers that have been reported each month were "target numbers not the actual numbers".   Wow!!!

This pretty shocking stuff???  









Anonymous said…
A quick project recap, 1) construction costs 59 million (59%) over budget as of now 2) the ball park looks like a self storage building,3) the garage and Pickett Park are behind schedule, 4)the land disposition agreement which gives the City title to the property is not complete, 5) the developer , whose buildings are expected to generate tax revenues which are suppose to pay for the construction has yet to put a shovel in the ground, and NOW 6) the woman and minority owned business numbers reported have been substantially overstated.

Why should I feel optimistic about this project?