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We Made Field Of Schemes Again

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  • The Boston Globe, not satisfied with its glowing report last month on Worcester’s new stadium for the Red Sox Triple-A team (top farm club of the Boston Red Sox, owner of the Boston Globe), ran two separate opinion pieces this week slagging Pawtucket officials for not offering up $150 million in subsidies like Worcester did and thus losing their team: 
  • Dan McGowan, the Globe’s Rhode Island politics reporter, wrote, “Imagine what we could have had if our leaders showed even a tiny sense of vision” and “It too often takes only one politician to spoil a really good idea” while condemning “extremists on both sides of the [stadium] debate” who think a thing can be either good or bad (while also calling the Worcester stadium “great”). 
  • The very next day, Mike Stanton, a UConn journalism professor who writes occasionally for the Globe, wrote that former Rhode Island House speaker Nicholas Mattiello “rightly deserves blame for his role in killing the PawSox,” though he also blamed WooSox owner Larry Lucchino for “demanding extravagant taxpayer support for a new ballpark” and harming negotiations for, I guess, less extravagant taxpayer support? 
  • Anyway, the Globe wants you to know that Worcester has a shiny new baseball stadium and Pawtucket doesn’t, and let’s not speak of what else Worcester could have done with $150 million.

 Editor's Note

Think there is any bias in the Boston Globe reporting when John Henry owns both the Red Sox and the Boston Globe????  By the way the cost is now 159.5 million

 Upon WBJ’s closer examination of Augustus’s memo and the lease contract with the Worcester Red Sox, some rounding and $1.5 million in federal CARES Act funding were omitted from the original total in the Jan. 8 story by WBJ. The estimate for the total cost of Polar Park now stands at $159.5 million, and the City of Worcester has confirmed this figure.