Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Polar Park Commission


Is it just us or does this "oversight" seem $175 million too late???








Anonymous said…
Agreed. I can’t believe that the same people that blew this so badly (the council and administration) are even arguing at all about keeping control. They proved that they cannot manage the project and it has very little to do with COVID-19. Mot of the overruns were incurred prior to that, like not knowing what land had to be taken or that there were high speed data lines underground where they needed to dig.

Everyone knows that the city’s data infrastructure is antiquated and inadequate and that businesses have spent big money on their own connectivity. It should have been expected and accounted for up front.
Anonymous said…
I actually watched the City Council meeting and George Russell's suggestions were the only sensible statements made during the discussion. His final question about the appointments being vetted by the Citizen Advisory Council and Augustus' response that he has not given that any thought is indicative of how no one is paying any attention to the detail. This now explains how this project has spiraled out of control!
Anonymous said…
They should make Konnie Luke's Chairman of Commision. At least she would watch out for us taxpayers!