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Not April Fool's Day Joke: Cost Of Stadium Will Exceed $170 Million

Hearing from various contractors that there is still alot of work and the overruns are pouring in.   With the current cost at $159,500,000, we figured $10,000,000 in additional cost overruns was more than enough thus  our $170,000,000 prediction.  


New overruns will be more !!!


We are now revising our estimate to be $175,000,000.


Remember PawSox only on the hook for $695,207 of any additional overruns per the terms of their lease.   




Anonymous said…
What’s your alternative? Would you like to look at acres of polluted, empty, depressing wasteland in the heart of the city? It’s fine to criticize, but I would to hear your ideas for the property. In my view that land would be vacant for the next 50 years without this project.
Anonymous said…
Wait until they start with the technology related items rollout. Overruns will explode.

BTW-there were at least 2 other proposed uses for that vacant land, and neither had the city spending a dime.
Anonymous said…
What were the 2 other proposals? The casino is one that I know of.
Bill Randell said…
We remember years ago a mixed use development that was denied because the zone change from Manufacturing was denied. The other more recently was the slots parlor.

Anonymous said…
The Wyman Gordon site looks to be nothing more than a road between piles of dirt. Not much of an improvement and surely not worth $159 million. How about you fix the potholes on my street!