Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

May 11th: Opening Day

At this point we all need to hope that Polar Park is wildly successful and will in fact be revenue neutral to the taxpayers of Worcester.    That said we will continue to ask financial questions.


  1. What will be the final cost?   We are hearing north of $175,000,000
  2. LDA still in not completed for the land?  When it is executed, we will get a copy.
  3. Phase I development has not resulted in any return to the taxpayers yet, well short of the 91 million private investment.








Anonymous said…
There is no doubt in anyone's mind Polar Park will do well in the City. The WooSox would not have come here if there was any concern their product would not supported by the City and the surrounding communities.This is more the case after people yearn to get out from under the Covid rock they have been under for the last year.This in and of itself will bolster attendance, not that I think it ever needed any help.

Your concern that we taxpayers are financially protected has been and will continue be a cloud over Polar Park until the promised and proposed development occurs. Keep a watchful eye on this because you seem to be the only one who is.