LDA For LFB Building Has Been Completed

Good Times Will Be Coming To Worcester Airport

 We did very well with JetBlue with daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, despite not the best schedule, cheapest prices and the Embraer (100 seats) versus the Airbus (150 seats).   Over five years these flights were always over 80%!!!       

Although we though it was good news when JetBlue decided to fly to their hub at JFK, it was not.   The one flight daily leaving first thing in the morning arriving back late at night had no real chance to succees and was without a doubt a failure.  

Worse yet, this Jetblue flight to NYC  brought once per day flights by American to their hub in Philadelphia and Delta to their hub in Detroit.  These also had no chance at success.   In retrospect we would have been better off if these once daily flights to legacy carries ever started and added more direct flights to leisure destinations.

On average the loads on these 3 flights to their hubs were in the 60% range.      That is not good.   


The good news is that we can see JetBlue coming back to Worcester with daily flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando (East Coast of Florida) by the end of the year.  Couple that with Breeze maybe coming with flights to the West Coast and we have an airport that will do real well with loads on any flight being in the 85 to 90 load factor range.

 On the cargo side, we have Amazon spending big on Worcester as a distribution center.   It only makes sense for them to fly their planes into ORH.    

Good times are coming!!

  1. JetBlue to East Coast of Florida
  2. Breeze, or maybe Avelo, to Gulf Coast
  3. Amazon

 The money has been spent on infrastructure and landing equipment.  Now we can see some returns in the near future.  Stay tuned.




Common Sense said…
I'm really excited. Why wouldn't anyone be trilled with the possibly of having four flights a day at an airport that got $110 million in improvements. In fact, there will be more $100,000+ per year managers at ORH than flights.
Anonymous said…
The JetBlue JFK flight at 6 am was awesome, it was just the super late return time being the only option that was a problem

I assume that it was to allow for you to make a connection back to ORH if your flight to JFK was delayed, but it never worked out that way for me. I still missed the connection when planes backed up and had to reroute to Logan
Bill Randell said…
Agree on the 6am flight but the return was way too light. We actually needed a 2nd mid-day turn.....

Common Sense the good news is we have Massport picking up the expenses at ORH not the taxpayers of Worcester.
Common Sense said…
Bill. I don't know where you get your information from.The company I work for provides security for most of the Amazon facilities in MA. I ran this by the area VP when I saw him at the Norwood warehouse. He told me Amazon has no plans or interest in flying into ORH. Didn't you also say at one point that UPS was going to fly into ORH.
Common Sense said…
Your right Bill. Although, I think the City paid to rebuild Airport Drive to make access to the airport smoother.
Bill Randell said…
At one point UPS was getting squeezed in Boston and their lease was coming to an end. Kind of lost track of that... There to look into again.

Alot has changed with Amazon the last 12 months. New facility on Goddard Drive, Greendale Mall and supposedly a new huge warehouse in Boylston. Only makes sense to look at ORH with these three facilities that close??

Anonymous said…
Another possible option...

Anonymous said…
A JFK flight would be better with Delta; they have must better connection options and destinations. If Delta returns we don’t want Detroit again, if not Atlanta give us JFK.