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We have seen this comment many times now below.    

To be clear

Versus this current project?  

Yes we would


"I know, the empty, polluted, vacant lot that was there previously was so much more appealing."






Anonymous said…
The maker of the comment needs to take off the blinders.

The City has spent well over $100 million, on what is best described as corporate welfare in an area, the Canal District, that has developed organically and most certainly would have expanded to the ball park site and to "Wyman Gordan" site.

I just read articles regarding the Canal District BIG 3 expanding their parking footprint.

Market forces doing what market forces do.

What came first, the chicken or the egg, I offer the Canal District,
Anonymous said…
The canal district was built with provate investment. That’s why none of the businesses there are 59% in the hole. And counting.