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We Still Do Not Own The Land

Although it seems like nobody cares, we still do not have clear title to the land that we have invested $158 million of taxpayer monies into a baseball stadium.   Not until the LDA (land disposition agreement) for the Left Field Building site will we "own" the land.   

As of Friday, we have still not completed the LDA.




Anonymous said…
No one cares because it is not their money that they spent, it is the taxpayers money.
Anonymous said…
That’s OK, there will just be yet another tax increase and widening of the split rate until Worcester is a business-free and employment-free zone.
Anonymous said…
This gets my thinking about what exactly is the problem and how much does it cost us to fix it because the City fixes things with tax dollars.
Anonymous said…
Forget about hundreds of millions in fat payer money! We have to spend a week on a meaningless vote to “support” some striking nurses!
We must get city councilor names in the paper! There is nothing more important than virtue signaling about things that the council has no say or stake or influence in!

Taxpayers need to shut up and pay up!
Common Sense said…
Worked at UMass for 16 years. Every time a contract is up the nurses always claim it's all about safe staffing. Yet when they get the raise they want, they forget about the safe staffing issue. They shouldn't complain. Where else can you get a job making $127,000 a year with a two year degree?