Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Fisal Year 2022: Revenues and Expense Projections

 If we can not get a 30 year Pro Forma, what about just an estimate for Fiscal 2022.


From August 2018:


  1. Ballpark Taxes                                                          $147,167.00   
  2. Parking Revenue                                                       $845,650.00
  3. LF Boutique Hotel & Retail Taxes                          $313,060.00
  4. WG South Hotel, Apartments & Retail Taxes    $1,628,067.00
  5. Personal Property Tax                                                $11,526.00
  6.   Use and Occupancy Tax                                         $571,388.00
  7. Advertising                                                               $156,000.00   
  8. 8 City Revenue Events                                              $40,000.00  


Source Total                                                                    $3,712,858.00

In 2022, the City will owe $2,971,416 towards the bond payment and operating costs for the ballpark. Therefore, in 2022, the City is estimating a surplus of $741,442 which includes a 5% contingency. (The sources and uses will fluctuate from year to year.)




In August of 2018, there was going to be a surplus of $741,442 in Fiscal 2022.  

Can we get an update on the projected Revenues and Expenses for just Fiscal 2022.    Then even a 5 year Pro Forma???  





Anonymous said…
So they just announced a month delay (so far) in the start of the minor league season so there goes that ticket and garage revenue

The budget for city events at the ballpark is gone as there will be no large scale events for some time.Besides, any revenue from those was a fantasy anyway. Does anyone really believe that the city will charge residents to attend public events at a publicly financed stadium in this equity and inclusion environment? There would would be riots, and to be fair, excluding poor city families is not the right thing to do in a public venue.

Buckle up for more tax increases and new tax classification categories. Nothing like a split tax rate too divert taxpayer attention from out of control municipal spending than a blood sport competition to be at the lowest rate at the expense of other taxpayers.