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Change Of Coverage On Polar Park

 For quite some time we have focused on the costs.     When the initial numbers came our , we guaranteed that the costs would be more like $110,000,000 million, not $100,000,000.    There was a chance it may get close to $120,000,000.

We were way off , the costs are now at $157,00,000.    We think that there is still another $10,000,000 of overruns on the way.    Although we find this concerning, it does not seem like many others do????

From now on we will focus on the projected revenues.      



 How is that LDA going for the Left Building Site???  





David Z. said…
It would be nice to read some positive Polar Park posts.

In Ed we Trust! 😀
Anonymous said…
When someone tells you something is not going to cost you anything is exactly when you should ask questions, especially if that someone is the government. Keep asking asking questions because your batting average has been pretty good so far.
Bill Randell said…

If you want to read some positive posts read any other media outlet??? If you want to look at the numbers and deal with facts, this is the place to be.



Anonymous said…
Saw a number of 240 last week