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Field of Schemes: Friday roundup: We have entered the Golden Age of minor-league stadium scams

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The Worcester Business Journal has completed its assessment of why the Worcester Red Sox‘ new stadium saw its price tag soar from $100.8 million to $159.5 million, with the answer being pretty much oh crap, we decided to build on a hill. “That site isn’t ideal for a ballpark,” said Robert Brehm, a construction engineering professor at Drexel University. Oh well, guess nobody could have foreseen that! Maybe someday humankind will have developed tools to determine when one part of the Earth’s surface is higher than another, but until then these sorts of overruns will just be sadly unavoidable.



Anonymous said…

Granted Field of Schemes has a slant on these type of projects, they are a national read blog.
It is bad enough when we look inept locally, we now look enept nationally.
Anonymous said…
Off by over 50% and nobody got fired!?!?

Imagine if that happened at your job. Would you still be getting a fat pension and healthcare for life, too?