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Why Are We Not As Concerned About Airport Finances?

Refresher, we started this blog many years ago believing the Worcester Airport (ORH) can be a huge asset to the City of Worcester.   We still believe that!!

Looking forward:

  1. JetBlue will be back with flights to Florida
  2. Breeze Airways: We should do everything to get them here
  3. Amazon:  yes Amazon!!
At the same time believed in ORH, we did not think the City of Worcester should be in the airport business and that we should sell it.    Although we thought a national RFP would have been a better process, selling the airport to Massport was a great idea by City Manager Mike O'Brien!!
 If we still owned the airport we would be losing at least $1,000,000 per year, maybe closer to $2,000,000.      
To that end the City of Worcester should not be in the:
  1. Golf business
  2. Convention Center
  3. Train Station
  4. Baseball Stadium business
We can easily see these 4 businesses costing the taxpayers $5,000,000 per year.  
The City should be more focused on core things like:
  1. unfunded pension liabilites
  2. OPEB  (Other post-employment benefits)
Does anyone even know these numbers right now???