Must Read: Will the OPEB Ostriches Ever Run Out of Excuses?

PawSox Equity Contribution

Remember here is the list:

Now look at Exhibit F.  Click here....    


    •  TPM    579,808
    • Graphic  & Art Consultants    495,000
    • Tenant FF & E   2,863,995
    •  Sponsor Signage & Artwork   864,330
    • Scoreboard/Video System   2,100,000
    • WiFI system    1,172,880
    • Pre-Fab Summit Street Structure    867,400
    • Kitchen & Foodservice equipment   2,480,498
    • Total =   11,423,911




Lets look at some of he line items:


Tenant Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment    =   $2,863,995

What did they buy???

This is part of construction costs??

Seems these would be costs for the tenant?


Kitchen & FoodService equipment    =   $2,480,498

Again do not see this as up front construction costs

 Seems to be part of the tenant's carrying cost ??





Anonymous said…
The spreadsheet shows work stoppage costs and team food service contribution totaling 4,500,000 as source. It also shows it as a negative expense. Are they double counting?