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JetBlue Will Come Back To Worcester Airport In 2021

2021 Prediction 


As we said here many times on this blog:

  1. American flights to their Philadelphia hub with bad times and planes that could not handle CAT III 
  2. Delta flights to to their Detroit hub with bad times and Detroit, not Atlanta
  3. JetBlue with only one turn to their hub at JFK returning so late

All three were bad ideas for Worcester Airport and had little chance of success.   Between these three flights the loads are most were 60%.....   They were more done to make the appearance that we had three legacy carriers, versus creating a solid business plan for Worcester Airport.

On the other hand, JetBlue daily to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando were great ideas.   Although the times were bad and the prices were higher with the Embraer 190 (100 seats), we averaged at least 80% loads for the 5 plus years JetBlue flew this flight.   

Here is another good piece of news.   The business flier is not coming back any time soon, but we had no business fliers!!! Only leisure travelers.   

Now get this piece of news.  JetBlue starting to receive their new Airbus 220 planes replacing the Embraer 190.     This plane has 130 seats and extremely fuel efficient, which will lower ticket prices!!!

Based on:

  1. 80%+ loads for 5+ years to Fort Lauderdal/Orlando
  2. new Airbus 220

We see JetBlue coming back in 2021 with these two flights, not back to JFK.


Anonymous said…
JetBlue needs a flight to Washington DC and Las Vegas. Logan Airport keeps adding more daily flights to both of these places and they are always full or very near to it.

The demand will be there. I'd even pay more just to avoid going to Logan.

The JFK flight was something that I used fairly regularly for business either to get to NYC or to connect. The 6 am departure was an excellent time but the return was much too late, as you noted. I suppose it was good if you got delayed connecting back and it increased your chances, but then its easier to change the return to Logan and retrieve your car
Bill Randell said…
You are right about DC and Vegas.

Also right on JFK. The early morning departure was great, but they needed a mid-day turn then the last flight at night....

Lets hope once they bring back Orlando/Fort Lauderdale with the new Airbus they will consider these other flights.