Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Financials Show Different Numbers: $2,935,853 Difference???

 Two Important Links


WRA January Board Meeting Financials

 Exhibit F in Lease


Although I was an Economics major, I had to take basic accounting classes.     

First go to Exhibit F in the lease:


  1. OPM Skansa = $2,653,700
  2. Designer (DAIQ)= 5,428,817




Now look at the financials submitted last Friday to the WRA Board:

  1. OPM Skansa= $3,652,659
  2. Designer (DAIQ)= $8,081,314   

 Please note $715,603 was moved (Adjusted) from the DAIQ number and moved to parking garage bringing net number down to $7,365,711.


Basic accounting would tell you that these numbers need to be the same??  

Big Difference in numbers:

  1. OPM Skansa= 998,959 difference
  2. Designer (DAIQ)= 1,936,894 difference

Total difference 2,935,853




Should not these numbers be the same in each report???

Maybe someone out there is an accounting background can look at these and confirm or correct???