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$14 Million of Additional Borrowing For Polar Park Approved By Council Was Not The Real Story This Week


Not surprised.. What choice do they really have??   

Vote No and not finish the park??  





The real story this week was the lease and the 18 million cap that we accepted.???     Refer to schedule F and the fact there is only $695,207 remaining to the cap.     If the $157,000,000 stadium costs increase to $157,695,207, it will not cost the taxpayers any additional monies, but every dollar after that falls on the taxpayers.     



 ****  Remember when the taxpayers were told the team would pick up all the overruns when the stadium was sold to the taxpayers?????

Next year remember that, when the next $10,000,000 million dollar overrun is announced.  The PawSox are only on the hook for $695,207, the taxpayers of Worcester will own the rest.     

Not one media outlet in Worcester covered this???  

Actually kudos to the 016 for sharing the link Sunday!!!!   Thanks Mark Henderson.  

Also thanks to Field of Schemes 



George Phillies said…
Sunk cost fallacy. The fact that we have already spent $100 million does not tell us whether or not we should spend more money on it.
Anonymous said…
Sunk cost fallacy is the standard operative procedure at Worcester City Hall