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We Paid The PawSox $1,000,000?????

 After we finished the last two posts:

  1. To date the PawSox have no made any of their $6,000,000 cash contribution.  Last year in December they were suppose to cut a check for $3,000,000 and another $3,000,000 this December.
  2. We still do not have a signed lease from the PawSox showing how they will be paying rent for 30 years to cover the $25.90 million of Series B Bonds that the city issued.

In other words the PawSox have not paid anything yet.       

We took a few minutes to review the attachments from the last WRA meeting and noticed a $1,000,000 check associated with the PawSox.   They made a payment!!!!  

After looking closer the check numbered 11422 was written by the City of Worcester to the PawSox for $1,000,000 marked as consultants.



As far as we can tell:

  • City of Worcester was not paid $3,000,000 by the PawSox last December
  • City of Worcester has not been paid $3,000,000 by the PawSox this December
  • The City of Worcester and PawSox do not have a completed lease



 But we have written the PawSox a check for $1,000,000 for consulting...   



  • this check for $1,000,000 is on page 4 of the check register
  • these attachments are not on the website, you need to ask for them
  • BTW:  these attachment should be on the website just like the City Council Agenda