Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

PawSox Two Forms Of Payments To The City of Worcester

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 There are suppose to be two forms of payments:


1)  In the last post we discussed the $6,000,000 of cash, which we have not received.

2)  The other is rent, which is suppose to cover the payments on the 25.90 million of Series B bonds.

Okay, when does the rent start?    Simple we can just look at the completed lease.  Oh yeah, but we do not have that yet.       

In other the PawSox have not paid the $6,000,000 of cash nor have they completed a lease.   Meanwhile we are into Polar Park for $130 Million dollars, with at least another $15 million of costs overruns.   

The PawSox have invested nothing!!!  Wonder how much they have made on the sale of WooSox gear?     





Anonymous said…
I’m sure they made some coin on the WooSox gear but I bet it Oakes in comparison to the company sponsorships that they collected. If I was a corporate sponsor, I’d be concerned.