Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Original Pro-Forma Revenue Sources

 Link to the report to City Council  

Check out page 7:  New Revenue for year 2022

This is not that far away (July/21 thru June/22)

  • Ballpark taxes  147,167
  • Parking Revenues    846,650
  • LF Boutique Hotel & Retail Taxes   313,060
  • WG South Hotel, Apartments & Retail taxes   1,628,067
  • Personal Property taxes 11,526
  • Use and Occupance tax 571,388
  • Advertising 156,000
  • 8 City Revenue Event   40,000
  • Total $3,676,850
  • *** The pro-forma says it totals 3,712,858
If you take away the Left Field Building, WG South Hotel/Apartments and Use/Occupancy, your total drops to $1,164,343.   That is being generous leaving ballpark taxes and parking revenues at the same level.   
Now lets just look at the debt service of 2,733,000, not even considering operating costs or 5% contingency.      
We are being generous and the deficit will be $1,568.650...



Anonymous said…
Deficits at the golf course and train station don’t seem to bother the city. It just keeeps raising taxes and pitting residents against business owners to distract them from the need for spending restraint.
Anonymous said…
In a million years I never thought I would say these words "Konnie Lukes for Mayor".
Anonymous said…
I just read Ray Mariano's Christmas wishes in the T&G. Until the bobble heads, his nickname for the City Council, get a backbone you can expect more of this tax and spend mentality where everyone losses. I am glad that people have already announced they are running for City Council. I will have trouble voting for some of these incumbents.
David Z. said…
But for all the new faces running, the incumbents always seem to win.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, some of the people who want to run for city council are worse than the tax and spenders in office now! There is no end to the amount of your money that they want to spend.
Luke Hester said…
This was lovely, thanks for sharing