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Breeze Airlines First Flight May Of 2021: Worcester Should Be On Their Route Map

 That is only 5 months away....


Remember this is Dave Neeleman.

Breeze Airways will be the fifth airline started by Neeleman following the serial aviation entrepreneur's successful runs at Morris Air, later sold to Southwest Airlines; WestJet; JetBlue Airways; and Azul Brazilian Airlines.

 Breeze target market is:

  1. Secondary cities 
  2. With little to no competition

Nothing says secondary city with no competition more then Worcester Airport.  

At the same time we have shown a demand for direct flights to Florida with JetBlue averaging 80+ plus loads on their daily flights to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando the past 5+ years.    Now add in the 100+ million that has been invested into infrastructure, in particular the CAT III Landing System, we should be the number 1 pick for Breeze in this section of the country.   

Lets hope:

  • Massport
  • Worcester Chamber

 Are reaching out to Breeze and offering them a good package to come to Worcester!!