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WRA MEeting Friday: No Attachments


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One of these days they will need to address the latest round of cost overruns that we estimate will be in the $15,000,000 range.

 Taxpayers are not suppose to be worried since the team was suppose to pick up any overrruns.  We will see.    







David Z. said…
An update on Polar Park today at the WRA meeting with no mention of additional cost overruns. In Ed we Trust!
Anonymous said…
I read the article and I do not know who Peter Dunn is but just because he does not mention cost over runs in the article does not mean there are no cost over runs.

I have never seen a City project that did not have cost over runs. Add to that the lost time with the virus it is not logical to believe there will not be cost over runs.

If and when cost over runs are announced it will show the lack of transparency or that they intentionally did not tell the public until it was too late to do anything else but open up the City's wallet.