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WRA Meeting September 25th LDDA

 link to agenda


1.Authorize Execution of LDDA; Acceptance of Quitclaim Deed from Madison conveying the Ballpark Site and LFB Site to WRA in accordance with the LDDA; and Execution of Quitclaim Deed conveying the Left Field Building Site back to Madison in accordance with the LDDA




Editor's note

Was the LDDA completed????    

If so anyone see it???

What does it say???  







Anonymous said…
This post highlights a truly troublesome situation with this project, lack of transparency, which is probably the reason City Councilor King requested more frequent reports on the project and the City Council is hesitant to approve another board.I went to the City's web page for the WRA's agenda and the item on the LDDA is not available for review on line. What does a person who wishes to be kept informed have to do, file a freedom of information request for information which should be readily available?