Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

We Finallly Own The Land, but!!!



Guess better late then never?? 

Keep in mind that we got this land from Madison Properties in exchange , the WRA gave Madison the land for the Left Field Building site per terms of the LDDA.   

 Has anyone seen the LDDA???  You know the one the WRA approved without seeing it???


  • What are the terms?
  • What are the deadlines?
  • Are there penalties for missed deadlines??? 


Still looking for:


  1. LDDA       (Land Disposition Agreement)
  2. Auditors report
  3. Updated proforma
  4. PawSox lease
  5. First $3,000,000 payment due last December from the PawSox.  Second $3,000,000 due this  December from PawSox.
  6. Next cost overrun announcement
  7. How much does Polar pay for naming rights