Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Polar Park Streets And Sidewalks


Looking at the proforma  


At the bottom there is $35,000,000 million from the Commonwealth:

  • 2,500,000  HDIP for Madison partments
  • 32,500,000    Garage/Infrastructure (sidewalks/streets)



Looking at the monthly budget submitted to the WRA, we do not see any monies being paid out for sidewalks/streets???


Who is paying for all the streets/sidewalks around Polar Park??




Anonymous said…
What is interesting is the updated financing plan that was submitted back in January totally omitted the section which you are referring to. The plan is buried within a larger report and is blurry and split out over 4 pages, unlike the proforma you posted, but now you highlight this it jumps off the page. It does make you wonder what else we are not been told. Please keep looking at this project because it appears you are the only one doing so.
Bill Randell said…
Does this mean the streets and sidewalks are being paid by the taxpayers????