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Las Vegas Minor League Stadium Cost $150 Million

 Most expensive minor League Stadium ever built


Will we surpass it???

Currently the $100,000,000 Polar Park has already increased to $130,000,000 and we can envision another increase by the end of the year!!



Las Vegas Ballpark is the most expensive minor league ballpark ever developed. In addition to design elements such as the pool, the ballpark features 22 luxury suites, digital menu boards and a large Daktronics scoreboard. The scoreboard is 31 feet high by 126 feet wide, making it the largest in the minor leagues and among the largest 25 scoreboards at all ballparks in the U.S. and Canada. Daktronics also installed ribbon boards and entry displays.


Anonymous said…
Two takeaways from the article: 1) a Cadillac AAA stadium costs a $150 million and has a pool ( the City should put a liner and a filter in the left field building foundation hole so the City has a bigger pool) and 2) the caption under the final photo states the naming rights are in the amount of $80 million and pay for more than 1/2 the costs. Where is Howard Hughes when you need him, we got stuck with Larry Lucchino !