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Dunkin’ Donuts Park area development finally underway


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 October 2, 2020

 Small portion!!

When Dunkin’ Donuts Park was first planned, it was envisioned as the anchor of redevelopment in Hartford’s Downtown North area. However, a scheduled 2016 opening did not come to fruition as construction of the ballpark was marked by several delays and overruns, prompting the city to terminate its agreement with its original developers, Centerplan Construction Co. and DoNo Hartford LLC. In March the city and the Randy Salvatore-led RMS Cos. had signed an agreement for the development of Parcel C, an area beyond the ballpark’s right field wall that is set to receive 270 mixed-income apartment units, along with a parking garage, and 11,000 square-feet of ground-floor retail and flex space as part of a $50-million phase of development.

Yesterday work began on the development of Parcel C, anticipated as just the first part of what will end up as $200 million of new development surrounding the ballpark. While the COVID-19 pandemic will likely




Editor's notes:

  1. scheduled opening 2016
  2. work start October 2, 2020

Does any of this sound familar??






Anonymous said…
The only difference between Hartford and Worcester is their developers had more creative company names.