Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Cost Overruns We Know About



1) D'Agostino Izzo & Quirk         715,603.06

2)  Skanska                                    631,519.00  

3)   Walker                                     612.,810.00

Total                                                    $1,959,932.00

Just between those three we are almost at $2,000,000.

There are alot of other cost overruns that have yet to be submitted...



Original Cost:                $100,000,000

January, 2020                 $132,000,000


Another cost overrun will be announced soon.

As we have stated before we are thinking in the $15,000,000 range

If this happens, the new cost would be $147,000,000


Anonymous said…
There are also land taking that are being disputed so there well could be more undisclosed giant payouts to taxpayers whose proertynwas taken.

Also, no more commercial flights out of Wprcester airport. Will we ever get any airline to come back?