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Worcester Business Journal: Worcester yet to finalize PawSox deal or obtain deed for ballpark property


Click here for post by Grant Welker

If you read this blog, there really is no need to read his column.   


Evidently he just realized everything we have been saying here for literally years..  Here is some of the "breaking" news???

  1. We have no lease with the PawSox
  2. We do not own the land where the park is being built
  3. We have no binding agreement with Madison


For those who have been saying the PawSox will pick up any more cost overruns (DAVE Z), it is pretty hard to make anyone do anything without a signed lease????  "Who pays for those cost overruns-the city or the team- will come out at the negotiating table".    


What cost overrruns are they referring to now???   Our guess is that at the next stadium update  on September 22nd, we will be hearing about $15,000,000 more in cost overruns.   

  • Original Cost                $101,000,000
  • January, 2020               $132,000,000
  • September 22,  2020:         ???


Although we have been pointing out all these problems for years, we get no mention of this blog in his post, but he did reach out to Marc Edelman, a law professor from Baruch College in New York??    Baruch College!!    Literally never heard of it???


Maybe reaching out to our paid consultant Andrew Zimbalist, whose proforma was the basis to show taxpayers that this would be revenue neutral, would have been a better call???  Here is a great question:   Mr Zimbalist can you rerun your numbers now and tell us what the cost will be to the taxpayers for this project now based on the current facts??


Grant here is some other "breaking" news:

  1. PawSox have not made their first $3,000,000 payment that was due last December
  2. Where it the updated proforma?
  3. Where is the updated auditor's report?

 Lastly may be you can find out how much has Polar Park paid for naming rights???

Guess better late then never.... 







Anonymous said…
This will be oh so convenient to sweep under the rug of Covid, hiding the fact that it was dunderheadedstructure from the start. The City literally gave awau=y all of its cars up front and has zero bargaining power now. The PawSox and Dowdle can walk away Scott free and the City is left bent over a half finished ballpark.
Bill Randell said…
Obviously COVID has made this situation worse, but this was off the tracks before COVID (March,2020). We should have had leases signed, deeds transferred and private development agreements signed two years ago.
Anonymous said…
Covid would not come into play if they had a force majure clause, but we do not even have a signed agreement, so the team holds all the power. And it was convenient that all other projects in the city moved forward, including the kelly square reconstruction while they halted the park so they could eventually sweep it under the rug as mentioned above and stick the tax payers holding the bag