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MassLive: Worcester Red Sox Infield at Polar Park takes shape as Worcester Red Sox continue ‘normal’ process of drafting lease with city


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" Steinberg said it’s normal for leases to reman unsigned during the construction of a ballpark as the parties continue to work out details for a term that will cover three decades. "


Maybe Mr Steinberg considers this normalm but when the City of Worcester has committed to spend $110,000,000, which has now increased to $140,000,000 and the main two components are :

  1. PawSox as a tenant paying approximately $100,000 per month along with $3,000,000 in 2019 and $3,000,000 in 2020.
  2. Madison developing $90,000,000 of Private Development in Phase 1 completed by April of 2021.

 The two main things the City of Worcester should have been in place before they invested $1 of taxpayer monies was:

  1. Signed lease with the Pawsox
  2. Binding Private Development Agreement (PDA) with Madison



Instead we did neither, how is that working out????    

We already know that we will not have any private development in Phase 1 done by April of 2021.  


  •  What do you think the lease payment will look like now post COVID???      
  •  What if the PawSox do pick up more cost overruns, do you  think they may not negotiate for a lower monthly payment??
  • 30 years, huh????
  • Is not the initial lease for 15 years???
  • Where is our $3,000,000 payment due last December?


Bottom line the PawSox did a great job negotiating this lease and not signing anything.   In the end they will save alot of money at the expense of us, the taxpayers.