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Holden DWP Buiding Site


I have said this many times but here we go again....     Berkshire Hathaway owned a building in the Holden Industrial Park on Industrial Drive that housed the former Reed Machine.    Currently  the Town of Holden is building their new DPW building at this location.

 When the Town was looking at sites to build, I was on the DPW Building Committee when we were reviewing sites.    This was the perfect site and Berkshire Hathaway offered to give the Town of Holden for nothing!!

Q:   Did we rush and accept the gift???

 A:   No!!   We worked on

  1. Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) that took 4 months to work out all the details.
  2. Was granted access to review the contamination on the site with our experts
  3. Bought environmental insurance to limit our exposure

Eventually the LDA was signed and we were comfortable with the site itself and accepted the gift, but it took time..    


Point here is that the City of Worcester should have


  1. Signed all the leases
  2. Signed all the private development agreements
  3. Transferred the land to the City of Worcester


Before one dollar of tax monies were invested into land that we do not even own..