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Daev Z July 21 Comment



David Z. commented on "First UNUM Office, Now Hotels"

Jul 21, 2020

The parking garage is being funded by the state and the ballpark needs it for parking.

 Now this from the WBJ


David Z. said…
I’ve been a big supporter of this project from the beginning. How many times have I added “In Ed we Trust” to Bill’s constant questioning of this project’s viability?

But in all seriousness, I'd really like Augustus to explain publicly why the garage construction has been delayed. This is from a Q&A on the WooSox website...

How much is the state contributing?
The State is contributing more than $60M for the project, including funding for the parking structure on WG South, HDIP tax incentives for Madison Properties, street improvements around the ballpark. Approximately $18M of these funds will be dedicated to the redesign and reconstruction of Kelley Square and connecting streets.

If the state dedicated 60 million why hasn't it broke ground yet?