Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Prediction: Next WRA Meeting in September Overruns Will Be Presented For $15,000,000

 Original Cost::    $100,000,000




First Overrun:   $130,000,000

                            City $110,000,000

                            PawSox $20,000,000


We see the next overrun coming in at $15,000,000, 99% sure on that.  Think about this overrun will be more than the total cost of the police body cams.  


The questions are:


1)  When will it be announced?   We think next month

2) What will be the split between the City of Worcester and the PawSox?





David Z. said…
According to the original agreement, the ownership group picks up 100% of any more cost overruns.
Bill Randell said…
You are correct Dave Z. Lets see what happens???