Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Good Comment



 Please keep this up, Bill. The city could have spend that money on helping local businesses expand and hire and train local people or to build more local housing. I like the idea of a ballpark as much as the next cheerleader city councilor--it would be great fun-but COVID has changed the equation. 


 The ballpark HAS to succeed so we need to put our energy into that happening. That cost is sunk into the land, and what is happening is light years better than what was there before even if the WooSox never play a game there. It can be a concert venue, festival venue etc. 


We now own it so we need to make it work. Maybe we can play hardball, too. Maybe we can get a different team into negotiations about using the ballfield. Let the WooSox know that they may not have all the cards but that the city has a few, too. The Bravehearts are right here, and there are other Major League farm teams. 


Overall, the lessons are clear for the future about doing something like this again. Please keep the spotlight bright.