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WRA Meeting Agenda Item Number 5

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5) Authorize execution of Amendment No. 9 to the Design Services Agreement with D’Agostino Izzo & Quirk Architects (DAIQ), Inc. relative to the Canal District Ballpark Project in the not to exceed amount of $998,060.00.

DAIQ is the designer of Polar Park asking the city for $998,060 in cost overruns for their work in this agenda item.     The request was approved in full.  

This was the item right after the Owner Project Manager (OPM) for the City of Worcester, Skanska, had asked for $785,710, but was only granted $149,000.   The irony being Skanska in a scathing letter  blamed most of the overruns on the designer, DAIQ.   

You have to read this letter!!!! 

Think about it:
  1. Your own project manager, SKANSKA, is blaming DAIQ for alot of problems.
  2. Your project manager, SKANSKA, asks for 785,710 in overruns, but you only grant 20% of their request.
  3. The very next agenda item, the designer (DAIQ), who is being blamed by your OPM, asks for $998,060 overruns and gets the full amount.  

We have a project manager running a $130,000,000 project for us and we evidently do not believe them???