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The Parking Garage: Dave Z Little Help?

In the agreement

Page 14

Parking Garage

As part of its overall strategy relating to the off street parking supply in Worcester and in effort to support Ballpark Project and the Development Project, the City has proposed to develop and lease to Madison (the "Garage Lease") an approximately 525 space parking garage within the portion of the Development Site shown on Exhibit B.......................

Dave Z, have you heard any mention of this project???

Page 15

The conveyance of the Parking Garage Site to the City shall be subject to the completion, in a manner reasonable satisfactory to Madison, of the work set forth in the Material Placement Plans as set forth in paragraph 7..

Does this mean if Madison is not happy with the the "completion" of the parking garage they will not convey the property?? 


David Z. said…
Other than it was being reconfigured to have slightly less parking spaces, I haven’t heard anything about the groundbreaking, etc. If the expectation is still a 2021 spring start for the Worcester Red Sox, you would think the city would want the new road & parking garage done for opening day.
Bill Randell said…
Dave Z could e Dwight Evans twin brother -- FYI
Anonymous said…
Lol why IS there a picture of Dewey??
Bill Randell said…
Is it a picture of Dwight Evans or Dave Z????
Anonymous said…
That is Dwight Evans.