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First UNUM Office, Now Hotels

Dowdle will be in no rush to build either offices or hotels. 
The new pro-forma should be very interesting.


David Z. said…
Dennis Dowdle site plans were recently approved for the left field office building and one of the apartment buildings across from the ball park that will include 1st floor retail. As we know the left field building will be capped for now. I think the residential / retail building along with the parking garage will move forward. I’ll go out on a limb and predict both projects will commence soon.
Bill Randell said…
Dave Z:

Do you see the look TOM z is giving Dowdle in that picture?? I am giving you that same look right now.. Not a chance in hell either of these projects will break ground in 2020.

David Z. said…
The parking garage is being funded by the state and the ballpark needs it for parking.
Anonymous said…
The parking garage will be the only ancillary development built along with the roadway through the south side of the former Wyman Gordon property.
That's it.

I don't see the new residences being built. It is incredibly difficult together funding for building multi-family rental units in this environment. No bank wants to lend to a landlord who can't collect rent for the foreseeable future from a tenant who simply refuses to pay the day after he moves in.

If they are condos, those might have a chance given that the real estate industry has such a shortage of listings for homes and condos for sale but the demand remains strong.